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Legal Empowerment For When You Face Drug Charges

Authorities can be relentless when pursuing drug violation charges in the Buckeye State. In many cases, they may implement punishments that don’t always fit the crime. If you’re facing drug violation charges in Ohio, we at the KM Law Firm can help you in your efforts to get your charges reduced or possibly  dropped. You’re a human being and deserve fair treatment. We’re here to keep prosecutors in check when they leverage unjustly harsh accusations and penalties against you.

What Counts As A Drug Violation In Ohio?

Drug offenses may be prosecuted as state offenses or as federal offenses depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest. We represent clients facing all types of drug charges including:

  • Possessing illegal substances
  • Possessing controlled substances without a prescription
  • Selling or distributing illicit substances
  • Selling or distributing controlled substances
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing of illegal substances

Consequences for drug violation charges in Ohio can include fines and potential prison time. They can also result in difficulties when applying for a job or qualifying for an apartment. That’s why contacting an attorney is so crucial.

We Know How The Other Side Operates

It’s easy to feel powerless against a prosecutor. However, throughout all the drug violation cases we’ve managed, we’ve noticed many prosecutors follow a similar script. We can help you maneuver around their tactics to level the playing field between you and the justice system. Our goal is to fight for what’s fair. We want to make sure you don’t face conviction when you don’t deserve to – or that the punishments fit the crime if you face conviction.

Other Ways We Can Help You

When you face drug violation charges, our attorneys can support you by:

  • Recommending community service or a drug treatment program.
  • Questioning how police collected evidence during your arrest.
  • Determining whether authorities violated your constitutional rights.
  • Looking for legal inconsistencies.
  • Present compelling testimony from witnesses and professionals.
  • Present character evidence in front of a judge or jury.

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You Deserve A Fair Fight – Reach Out Today.

Facing a sizeable bureaucratic justice system can leave you shaking in your shoes. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to.

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