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Dog Bite Injuries

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Dog Bite Injury Attorney In Columbus, Ohio

If you have been the victim of a dog bite and/or attack, you may be subject to monetary compensation and damages from the dog’s owner or handler. Despite the intimidating nature of dog bite injuries, injuries caused by happy dogs who happen to cause bodily harm by being overexcited or rambunctious may also be liable for losses caused by those injuries.

The legal team at the KM Law Firm loves dogs, but we know that animals can act like animals sometimes, and negligent owners and handlers need to be held accountable for the situations they put their dogs in. Our team will partner with you to understand the full situation, determine if there is a case and identify the best steps forward to get the optimal result in court.

Our team knows what questions to ask:

  • Is there pet insurance for the responsible dog?
  • Was the dog in a stressful situation where it may have been provoked?
  • Was the dog’s handler and/or owner put in danger by the injured party?
  • What is the dog’s vaccination status?
  • Was the dog commanded to attack, even playfully?

These questions and more will help paint a full picture and enable our team to determine your optimal case.

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