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Understanding when a DUI/OVI becomes a felony in Ohio

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Criminal Defense

In Ohio, driving under the influence, also known as Operating a Vehicle under the Influence, is a serious offense that the state does not take lightly. While many DUI/OVI offenses fall under misdemeanor charges, certain circumstances can elevate them to felony status. This escalation significantly affects the severity of the consequences, including longer jail (and/or prison terms)  hefty fines and more substantial impacts on a person’s life and future opportunities.

Recognizing when a DUI/OVI shifts from a misdemeanor to a felony is important for anyone navigating Ohio’s legal system or striving to understand the potential repercussions of driving under the influence.

Multiple offenses

A DUI/OVI offense becomes a felony if the courts have convicted the individual of four or more OVI offenses.  Multiple offenses on one’s record is a pattern of behavior that indicates a disregard for the law and public safety, warranting more severe penalties, according to the authorities.

Serious injury or death

A DUI/OVI charge can also escalate to a felony if the incident results in serious bodily harm or the death of another person. These cases demonstrate the potential for tragic outcomes when operating a vehicle under the influence, leading to stricter legal consequences.

Driving with a suspended license

Operating a vehicle under the influence while having a suspended or revoked license can also elevate the charge to a felony.

Recognizing the gravity of these offenses and their potential to escalate to felony charges is important for individuals to make informed decisions and understand the legal implications of their actions.

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